Marita SwartzRainbow® Reiki Professional Practitioner :
Five Medicine Animals & Rainbow® Reiki Radionic Crystal

Presented by Marita Aicher-Swartz
Rainbow Reiki Master Instructor

Initiation into the symbols and mantras of the Five Medicine Animals of classical Feng Shui:  Tiger, Dragon, Turtle, Snake, and Phoenix.

Learn mystical healing energy-work with the power of the Five Medicine Animals, and astral travel into their realms. Information is given on how to use the Medicine Animals' power to heal buildings, people, animals, and power spots.

Initiation with the Laya te yan crystal, with the support of the master crystals deep down in the earth. Some of the crystal's power for you to use are:  clearings; charging with yin or yang energies; energetic protection; storage of healing programs of flower essences; homeopathic remedies and crystals; cleansing of chakras; emotional balance and healing; relaxation; and much more.

Laya te yan is the powerful Rainbow® Reiki Radionic crystal. It is made out of clear quartz crystal with a special cut.

This class offers lots of hands on healing experience—Saturday we work with the Laya te yan and the Medicine Animals on Sunday.

Pre-Requisite:  2nd degree Usui Reiki

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