Marita SwartzBody of Light Class Outline

Presented by:  Marita Aicher Swartz—Rainbow Reiki Instructor

The Body of Light is a special spiritual energy structure located in your energy system that connects you directly to the Divine. There are several special chakras which organize the Body of Light, two additional main chakras and the aura-chakras. Through the high-frequency network of energy channels of the Body of Light, spiritual energies like Reiki are distributed. Enlightenment can only be reached if the Body of Light is working well and is stable. Rainbow® Reiki has a unique system of tools and techniques for spiritual energy work which will enable you to work with the Body of Light, to heal it, to strengthen it, and to develop its functions. The Body of Light work helps you reach personal spiritual realization and enlightenment. The traditional Reiki you use is for physical, emotional, and mental healing. The Body of Light work is for spiritual healing.

This course is for the deepening of your personal spiritual development and also for you to use in healing sessions with clients.

Program:  The Body of Light, what it is and how it works; the most important aura-chakras and their various functions for healing, personal development, and enlightenment; Initiation into five special symbols and their mantras for effective and differentiated energy work with the Body of Light; a Rainbow® Reiki meditation to promote the conscious development of the Body of Light (the divine spark inside of you and how to work with it for spiritual empowerment); and Special Rainbow® Reiki affirmations for releasing blocks related to the emotional and mental areas. This class provides a lot of hands-on practice and personal healing work.

Pre-Requisite:  2nd degree Usui Reiki

Marita Aicher-Swartz is a Licensed Teacher with The International Center for Reiki Training and offers classes in all the levels of Usui Reiki. She has studied Rainbow® Reiki with Walter Lübeck, the Grand Master of Rainbow® Reiki and with Beth Simmons Stapor who was the first Rainbow® Reiki Instructor and Body of Light Instructor in the United States. Marita is licensed at this time by the Reiki-Do Institute of Germany to teach Rainbow® Reiki First and Second Degree and the Body of Light. She works full-time as a Reiki practitioner in Bristol, Tennessee, and the Tri-Cities area where she combines her training in Reiki and Spiritual Direction to help clients with their physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.