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Marita in a reiki sessionTestimonials from Clients and Students

Ms. Aicher-Swartz's classes are inspirational because she embodies the words she speaks. [Marita] projects the caring compassion she teaches. Students learn by example as well as instruction. Her understanding of Reiki has great depth, and she is able to keep it simple for the beginning student. She has a love of Reiki and a love of teaching. Both shine in her classes.

– Marsha McGovern
Associate Professor of Nursing
King College – Wellmont Campus

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Marita's lifelong journey and connection to the Creator adds depth to her teaching and practicing of Reiki. She is an experienced guide, resource, and teacher for you on your Reiki spiritual journey.

– Beth Simmons Stapor, Ph.D.
Licensed Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training

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Marita teaches her classes as she lives her life. The learning environment is peaceful and the lessons are taught with respect and love. She willingly passes all her knowledge to her students. I am a much better Practitioner because of Marita.

The treatment I received from Marita not only relieved my physical pain; but made me aware of some emotional issues I was able to resolve.

– Diana Farris

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Marita has helped to gently guide me to the wise silence that is within. I am grateful for her facilitation into my awareness of the flow of my energies and her ability to help me awaken more of who I truly am.

– Karen Feeley, DC
Wellness Way Chiropractic

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I attended Marita's Reiki I and II classes, and it was such a wonderful experience. Marita is not only a gifted healer, but a wonderful teacher as well. She explained the Reiki teachings simply and clearly, and I felt that my questions and concerns were understood and addressed in a way that helped me feel good about Reiki and myself. The love and energy in the class was amazing. I am so happy to have found her, and will be returning to work with her again.

– Juliet Jones, Los Alamos, New Mexico

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Marita Swartz is truly a Master teacher ⁄ practitioner and most definitely has a direct line to the spirit world. She is grounded, honest, and ethical; always keeping her ego in balance, and with her intention being for the highest good of her clients ⁄ students. I trust her completely.

– Kay Ogle, Abingdon, Virginia

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Marita is a very capable instructor and makes learning worthwhile. Her sessions are uplifting and meaningful. I would recommend her classes.

– J.A., Elizabethton, TN

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Marita's treatments are excellent. They are much better than any I have had before.
Marita's teaching is beyond excellent. She teaches in a gentle way that draws out the best in her students!

– August Lageman, Damascus, VA

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You are a spiritually led person, who is able to connect with individuals according to each person's needs. You are a healer, teacher, mentor, friend, and saint all rolled in to one tiny, powerful package. I know you are an angel sent to help each person who seeks you out. Thank you.

– Pat Muncie

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Reiki for me, was the beginning of a New World... a New Me... where and with whom one begins a 'New Journey' is a sure sign of where one might untimately end up....

Fortunately for me, I was in the hands of Marita Swartz, at Intergrated Health Clinic and among some Very special people. The training I received there opened the doors of my heart and was the core basis for the Amazing business I opened a few months ago. The caliber of people I met and worked alongside there has had a lasting impact on me... and no doubt on Many others, as I now carry the torch of Reiki and many other Healing Arts.


– Kathy Fisher
Owner ⁄ Director
The Healing Arts Center of Bristol

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